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About Purple Pals

Purple Pals is a 501c3 whose mission is to provide fun, freedom and friendship to those in the early stages of Alzheimer's while giving caregivers a chance to care for themselves. Our goal is to enrich the lives of seniors by connecting them with volunteers who share their interests and passions.



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Your donation to Purple Pals goes directly to support our mission. Donate now to enrich the lives of seniors in your community.


Have fun with your friends while serving your community! Join Purple Pals and make a difference in the lives of seniors in your area.

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Kim Luce, 

Program Coordinator

Senior Resource Center for Douglas County

"Volunteers from the KU chapter of Purple Pals enabled us to start a weekly tech help program at the Senior Resource Center for Douglas County. The seniors who drop in for help are always so incredibly happy with the tech support they receive, but they also just love the intergenerational conversations! Our participating seniors just can’t stop talking about how wonderful the student volunteers are, and we have been so thankful that Purple Pals has helped us to meet this huge need in our senior community."


Kirsteen Feltz, Life Enrichment Specialist Midland Care Center

"Midland PACE cannot express enough gratitude for the countless life enriching hours that the Purple Pals have given to the program of all-inclusive care for the elderly by being pen pals, singing Christmas carols, running a Fall Festival and arranging special events such as a therapy animal visits. During the height of the Pandemic the Purple Pals helped package and deliver hundreds of activity bags to senior’s homes with smiles and kind words. The seniors receiving the bags expressed how much the knock at the door from the Purple Pals brightened their lives during a dark and scary time. The Purple Pals have generously given precious time to their senior community with incredible passion. We are all going to age and paving the way to a better future for us all is so needed. Thank you Purple Pals, we cannot thank them enough for volunteering for Midland PACE."


Alexi Fisher, Purple Pals volunteer at the University of Kansas

"As a volunteer at Purple Pals, I have had the privilege of witnessing the firsthand positive impact this program has provided. It’s been an incredibly rewarding experience and I’ve enjoyed every second of it. I am grateful to be apart of such a wonderful organization and working with a diverse group of individuals to create a supportive environment."

Screen Shot 2023-07-31 at 7.45.17 PM.png

Tammy Buller, Volunteer Coordinator at Gentiva Hospice House

"We at Gentiva Hospice are beyond excited to begin this journey with The
Purple Pal’s. Not only for ourselves, but for our Alzheimer’s patients and
their families who will receive help from this amazing Volunteer Program.
We are blessed with this partnership of young driven individuals who
genuinely want to serve and are effective in the lives of those who are
battling Alzheimer’s disease.
The Mission that Paige Harding and her Team of volunteers have set forth
is impressive and comes from the heart. We recognize the importance of
awareness. Community Engagement is important and needed to recruit
more volunteers, so that they will have a greater understanding of
Alzheimer’s Disease and why the Purple Pals are so vital in every college

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